The GEM (Galantis Enterprise Management) family of products are described as template solutions.  By that, we mean they provide a solution that is 90% complete OOTB, and can be rapidly and cost-effectively modified to address specific customer requirements.

GEM/AP is our AP review and approval solution.  GEM/AP automates AP processing, and greatly reduces the cost of that important business process.

With these solution templates, our customers benefit in two ways – from the application of frameworks and business processes that accelerate solution development and reduce costs, and also from our experience and application of best practices to the solution in question.

That is a brief review of Galantis’ family of products.

Generally speaking, why is AP automation important?

Shown here are some industry statistics from the Institute of Management and Administration  that illustrate the direct and indirect costs of a non-automated AP process

Some organizations know their metrics, some do not.  Those who do usually confirm these numbers.

At $13 to $16 per invoice in a manual operation, there is significant benefit to a solution that measurably reduces these costs.  Best in class companies report $3 to $5 cost

There are also the indirect but nonetheless real costs associated with lost or missing information, the inability to take advantage of available discount payment terms and the erosion of relationship with your suppliers

The effective management of invoice processing impacts corporate profitability and vendor relations

It’s all about the ROI when justifying the automation of AP.  More than most solutions, the ROI calculation can be very evident.


Download: pdf Galantis Introducing GEM-AP