Implementation Services

Looking for a partner to implement your custom ECM and Workflow solution? Thinking about integrating your document management system with ERP or another legacy system? Need to convert your data and applications onto a new platform? Our highly skilled team of FileNet, Sun, and Microsoft Certified Professionals can help by designing and implementing the right solution under strict timeframe and low budget.

As part of our internal methodology we leverage the Agile software development principles. It is all about getting the right software delivered without a lot of overhead and wasted effort. Our implementation services include:

GEM/AP™ Accounts Payable Approval Workflow

Whenever possible, we like to start with a proven solution template based on years of best practices and successful implementations, and deliver a full-featured ECM solution in weeks, not months. This, in turn, minimizes cost and risk to the customer.GEM/AP™ accounts payable approval workflow is our most popular solution template, ready to be integrated with your existing or planned ERP system, legacy applications and databases, and your content repository of choice.

Custom FileNet P8 Development

Galantis is a leader in providing custom P8 development services. We tailor the ECM and Workflow solutions to your needs. FileNet P8 platform is highly flexible, scalable and customizable, and our experienced team of FileNet Certified Developers will help you get the maximum return on your investment. Galantis has a 100% success rate in delivering customized solutions built on top of P8.

Application Migration and Data Conversion

If you are faced with the need to migrate your existing images, data and applications to the new P8 platform, we will help take the guesswork and headache out of this effort.

Enterprise and Legacy System Integration

For years, we have been involved in integration of custom ECM solutions with ERP systems, such as SAP, Oracle Financials, PeopleSoft and JDEdwards. Let us help you put your systems on the same page and speaking the same language!

Federated Search

Solutions built with our flagship GEM/Frame toolkit leverage federated search capabilities. That means that no matter where your content is stored, and how many various types of repositories you have, the application will give your users a single, transparent access interface.