GEM/STONE Technical Overview

GEM/STONE architecture

The users and the organizations employees access GEM/STONE by means of a standard browser interface.
GEM/STONE interacts with external systems and internal legacy systems by means of web services
eForms and imaging capture external client information to result in a centralized repository of customer information.

GEM/STONE uses various FileNet components, external web services, imaging services, can be integrate with internal legacy financial systems, supports online users and internal LOB users.

GEM/STONE Technical Components


  •  ECM Products
    •  IBM FileNet Business Process Manager
    •  IBM FileNet Content Manager
    •  IBM FileNet eForms
    •  IBM FileNet Forms Manager
    •  IBM FileNet Business Process Framework
  •  IBM SWVN Business Partner Solution
    •  GEM/STONE Core Functionality
    •  GEM/FRAME (Optional)