GEM/Frame – Cross-Platform ECM/BPM Enterprise Application Framework


The Galantis Enterprise Management Framework (GEM/Frame) is a toolkit for delivering business process automation solutions rapidly. GEM/Frame is a truly unique offering. Its competitive edge is ensured by the fact that it is built according to the latest best practices in ECM application development and can work with any Content Management and Workflow product.
These features alone put Galantis Framework in a leading position in the industry. Combined with a well-thought out user interface and powerful customization and configuration tools, they allow organizations to enjoy a unified approach in building their business solutions. GEM/Frame allows our customers to quickly and cost-effectively react to changes in their business environment.
GEM/Frame is a powerful and flexible ECM solution development tool. GEM/Frame architectural differentiators include:


  • Pure Java solution based on Struts framework
  • ECM platform-independent
  • Multi-layer architecture
  • Service-oriented Integration
  • Extensible service interface
  • Customizable, role-driven user interface
  • Object-oriented approach
  • Works with popular J2EE servers (IBM WebSphere, BEA WebLogic, Tomcat, JBoss, etc.)
  • Enterprise-scale security model
  • Browser-independent
  • True thin client

GEM/Frame helps organizations achieve the maximum return on their ECM investment through the following competitive advantages:

Rapid ECM solutions delivery

A “zero-programming” approach to Content Management and Workflow application development, with the out-of-the-box solution covering 50-70% of common business requirements. GEMFrame is a highly configurable offering that typically does not require developer effort for changing many aspects of functionality. Instead, the solution is usually customized by a business analyst using the user-friendly configuration and customization tool provided.

Platform independence

GEM/Frame is independent of the Content Repository and/or Business Process Management system. The framework works with content and workflow data via a vendor-neutral API. The current version of GEM/Frame includes support of FileNet P8 Content Engine and Process Engine, and an API for Java Content Repository (JCR) providers. JCR is a new standard (based on JSR 170) for accessing proprietary content repositories. Most large content management vendors plan to provide such connectors for their content repositories.
GEM/Frame can even be packaged with Open Source content repository products to fit specific customer needs and budgets.
GEM/Frame has been tested with, and currently supports FileNet P8, Day CRX, Apache Jackrabbit and JBoss JBPM. Support for other content repositories and workflow engines is offered as a custom option.
The bottom line is that GEM/Frame allows the customer to leverage their existing or planned ECM investment, as well as provides a cost-effective starter solution for those companies exploring the possibilities of ECM.

Integrated content

With our powerful distributed content approach, content can be retrieved from various repositories and presented to the user through a single access point. There is no overhead from conversion, re-indexing or consolidation required by some other products.

Business templates

GEM/Frame offering includes several starter solution templates. It includes a set of ready-to-use, pluggable, industry-specific components developed according to industry standards and best practices.

Easy deployment and maintenance

GEM/Frame is a lightweight solution resulting in easier and more straightforward deployment. Applications built using GEM/Frame run on any modern Java Application Server or Java Servlet/JSP server. No additional database server is required. GEMFrame uses the underlying content repository for storing its business objects and configuration data.
A single GEM/Frame installation supports multiple business applications. This provides a single access point to various applications for both users and administrators, resulting in lower maintenance and training costs.

Easy integration

GEM/Frame’s pluggable interface provides a powerful and flexible method for integrating business data and logic from external systems, including popular ERP platforms, such as PeopleSoft, SAP and JDEdwards.