GEM/AP Invoice Process Automation

Increase the efficiency of your AP business processes

Managing the accounts payable process and the resulting paper files and other types of content across an enterprise can often be costly, cumbersome and prone to human errors.

GEM/AP is a packaged solution that leverages automated capture, best practice workflow solutions and the ability to utilize your existing legacy/ERP applications and platforms.

GEM/AP – provides an end-to-end solution for automating and shortening the vendor invoice process. This is accomplished by using industry-leading solution templates, our proven platform independent GEM/Frame™ ECM/BPM Application Framework, and coupled together with an optional integrated capture solution from Kofax. This will ensure that all content is captured, usable and available for access. Our web-based workflow application then automatically routes vendor invoices for review, approval and payment processing to different roles in your organization following your business rules.

GEM/AP tightly integrates advanced capture solutions, leverages your Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and existing financial or ERP systems to provide a proven, comprehensive Accounts Payable solution.


Think Big: Your accounts payable operations are only going to grow with your organization’s operations. Start thinking about it now!

Act Small: GEM/AP™ is a solution that truly allows you to do that. It scales with your organization’s growth and operations. If your organization does not have an ECM platform, GEM/AP™ Core comes bundled with leading open source content and workflow engines to have you up and running without additional licensing expense.

Move Fast: It will only take a few weeks before you start seeing the results from implementing GEM/AP™.


GEM/AP™ Process Automation Benefits:

  • Complete automation of the non-exception cases
  • Focus attention on the processing of exceptions
  • Deliver the invoices to the appropriate approver(s)
  • Enable escalations with automated processes
  • Improve vendor relations with timely, accurate invoice processing
  • Automatically capture and maintain a complete audit trail


GEM/AP™ Automate Invoice Capture and Processing:

  • Image-enable your AP process without increasing labor
  • Automatically identify and index key invoice information
  • Deliver the image and data into your archive system.
  • Reduce manual invoice sorting and paper handling.
  • Enable electronic distribution and retrieval of invoices and documents without AP assistance.
  • Minimize on-site storage.


GEM/AP™ Automate Invoice Capture and Processing


Realize the GEM/AP™ Benefits:

  • Automate your critical business processes to drive efficiency
  • Improve speed and accuracy of AP processing
  • Reduce cost per transaction
  • Share information throughout your organization to internal and external resources
  • Take advantage of vendor discounts and improve vendor relations
  • Ensure data integrity and eliminate data entry redundancy
  • Enable an auditable process to ensure compliance and corporate guidelines