GEM/AP automates Accounts Payable processing, and has been shown to reduce the associated costs by 50% – 70% – an important contribution to corporate profitability.

Further, GEM/AP provides a central repository for vendor invoices and related objects.  This not only reduces the cost for storage and retrieval of these important business documents, but also greatly reduces or eliminates costly and time-consuming errors.

GEM/AP implements approved, consistent and repeatable processes for invoice processing, thus  helping to ensure overall regulatory compliance.

The net result is lower overall cost in invoice processing, reduced risk and increased vendor satisfaction.

GEM/AP is a template solution for the rapid deployment of the automation of invoice review and approval.

By template solution, we mean that it employs best practices in Accounts Payable processing while enabling the rapid and cost-effective modification of the business processes to accommodate the unique requirements of the organization.

GEM/AP is implemented on the IBM FileNet ECM technology platform, widely accepted as the leading ECM/BPM technology available.

The Galantis GEM/FRAME solution framework enables the rapid modification of invoice processing business process by configuration, not programming.

Many organization require the integration of AP Automation solutions with existing ERP or financial systems, and GEM/FRAME enables and accelerates that integration.


Download: pdf GEM/AP Invoice Process Automation