Company Profile


A diversified financial services company provides banking, insurance, investments, mortgage and consumer finance – to more than 23 million customers through 6,200 locations, the Internet, and other distribution channels across North America and internationally.


Business Situation


The Card Services Dispute Resolution department is responsible for processing credit card chargebacks and disputes for VISA/MasterCard credit cards issued by the financial institution.

“The project objective was to create a single web-based user-friendly solution that would allow the replacement of the existing paper intensive Dispute Resolution process by an electronic paperless process.”

Technical Situation

The Dispute Resolution department processes disputes in four business units: Phone, Chargeback, Correction, and Support. A single cardholder dispute would be processed by different units until it was resolved, in a paper-intensive process. A cardholder dispute, including all related documents, would be stored in paper files accessible by all four units. To access cardholder data, Chargeback personnel had to use several legacy computer systems providing interfaces to VISA/MasterCard.

Adding a special requirement, legal regulations define rules and timeframes for the credit card dispute resolution process. Failure to follow these regulations can lead to substantial financial penalty.


The project objective was the implementation of a single, Web-based, user-friendly solution to replace the existing paper-intensive dispute resolution process. The new system would be used by all four dispute resolution business units to process all credit card disputes – without paper files. The system would implement all necessary interfaces to legacy computer systems, incorporate legal regulation rules, and provide the necessary information to allow managers to monitor the dispute resolution process.

 Download: pdf Galantis Case Study – Credit Card Dispute