Functionality and features – Folders and cases

6. CasesFolders

A user can navigate between folders (Set Approval process, All Approvals etc.) in a folder tree view situated in the left/right part of client area. When selected, folder contents will be displayed.

First folder from the list with the content will be displayed upon registration.


Folder cases are displayed in a table view. Cases automatically get into a folder upon case action execution. Table column title must be clicked to perform an ascending/descending case sort.

Filter can be set for a folder.

Folder filters are configured by System administrator in GEMFrame metatool utility.

“Search cases” folder provides the possibility to perform a multi-criteria search for cases. Search fields are configured outside the system while search criteria are set in the folder. “Search” button initiates the search. Search criteria are not kept when leaving the folder.



Case creation

Cases can be created manually by user with role Clerk or automatically from the scanned Invoices.

Only user assigned Clerk or Supervisor role can manually create cases.

“New case” link in the upper part of client area must be clicked to create a new case. This link remains always on top for user convenience.

Case creation page is opened in a separate non-modal browser window, therefore a user can perform actions in other windows simultaneously.



Automatically created cases also go to ‘Set Approval process’ folder.

Case selection and execution

A user can choose a case from the list (table) by a single mouse click. Selected case will be locked for modification by other users. This will avoid simultaneous modification of the same case by different users.


Detailed case description will be displayed in a new frame that allows case viewing and editing.