Education & Training

Education and Training

We are happy to share our knowledge of ECM concepts and technologies with our current and potential customers and partners. We regularly conduct free web seminars and schedule face-to-face sessions at your request.

Staff Mentoring

Galantis provides mentoring as part of its standard delivery package, and as independent engagements. Every time we successfully deliver a solution, we make sure that we provide your technical and business personnel with ample opportunity to learn from our experience and fully understand the solution and the technology behind it. We have succeeded in both the “train the trainer” approach and the traditional user seminar format. One of our primary goals is to provide you with a reliable, scalable, repeatable solution, which your IT department can support comfortably and effectively.Even if we are not engaged in an implementation project, we are happy to make arrangements to share our document management and workflow expertise with your technical and business resources, allowing your organization to implement better ECM solutions faster.

GEM/Frame and GEM/AP Webinars

GEM/Frame™ is an advanced application development framework created by Galantis and based on years of successful Business Process Management (BPM) and Electronic Content Management (ECM) application development. GEM/Frame™ brings together our business expertise, advanced integration techniques, highly configurable user interface and platfrom independence. At your request, Galantis specialists will conduct an on-line webinar on the benefits and applications of GEM/Frame™ or GEM/AP™ for your business. GEM/AP™ is a popular solution temlate built using GEM/Frame. It not only solves the business challenges of corporate accounts payable approval workflow, but serves as a perfect real-life example of GEM/Frame™ implementation.See for yourself how GEM/Frame can solve your BPM and ECM application development challenges: