Case Data

Case data is split into several sections:

  • Case (opened by default);
  • History
  • Documents



“Case” section

“Case” section contains case fields with its values. These fields can be read-only depending on the folder they are filed in. Clerk can modify cases in “Set Approval process” inbox. Approver can attach documents to a case and modify field values if not read-only. “Save” button commits the changes. Changes are automatically committed when any action from “Actions…” dropdown menu is selected.

Adding documents to a case

A user can attach a file to a case from the local hard drive or from the network. “Attach file…” button will display a file frame with “Browse”, “Attach” and “Cancel” buttons (figure 7). Clicking on “Add” or “Cancel” buttons will attach a file and close the frame.

“History” section

“History” section contains all actions executed by all users over the current case presented in a table with comments, reasons and modified fields list (figure 8). Comments can be system (e.g., case creation or deletion tracks) or user (e.g., comments to case field’s value update) generated.


“Documents” section

“Documents” sections displays a list of documents attached to a case.