Sample area: 2 sq. km

3D model parameters: Resolution: 2 m

Vertical accuracy (heights in DTM, Z): 2-3 m

Planimetric accuracy (XY): 5 m Buildings heights accuracy: 2-3 m

Format: any RF-planning tool format Relevance: 10.2009

Layers available:

  • DTM
  • 2D Clutter model – 20 classes of objects
  • Vector model – 9 classes of objects
  • Text label classes – 5 classes of objects
  • Administrative boundaries

Projection: UTM, spheroid International WGS’84, Baltic system of heights. Any other projection is possible at your request.

Sources: Stereo pairs of satellite images with 0.5 m resolution.

Vintage: 10.2009

Maps of 1:10,000 scale as reference