2D and 3D digital models are designed with a state of the art technology.

Advantages of our technological processes:

  1. We use the most actual satellite images with accuracy fitting to chosen type of model are used.
  2. For better accuracy and quality we exclude all the automatic procedures from the clutter and vector models producing processes.
  3. Before and after every stage of model producing we implemented complicated quality control, which provides maximum accuracy of data and provides on-time supply of the models.
  4. Usage of own technological and manufacturing base allows to be flexible to all client’s demands.
  5. Using own-created unique software, we can convert developed data to any planning tool format.

3D City Model

3D City Model – is an extra-accurate database with high resolution for networks microplanning and optimization in densely built-up areas.

  • Resolution: 1-Sm
  • Accuracy (XYZ): 1-3m

3D models serve as essential tool for 3G/4G, LTE and WiMax networks deployment

  • Optimal positioning of base stations
  • 3D coverage analysis
  • The highest quality and most up-to-date data
  • Tailored for customers’ needs and budget

Sources: satellite images with 0.5 -1m resolution and stereo pairs of satellite images GeoEye, Ikonos, QuickBird, WorldView-1,2.

Download Helsinki, Finland 3D digital map sample