Layers and Data sets

All Models datasets includes integrated layers: Up-to-date and high accuracy DTM/DEM terrain layer, Clutter – land use models, Vector/Linear objects, Text labels, Background Raster, Building height model, Orthoimagery.


DTM (Digital Terrain Model) – represents the elevations of ground surface, location and shape of obstacles to wave propagation.
DEM (Digital Elevation Model) – describes terrain elevation that is merged with building and vegetation heights.

Parameters of DTM/DEM depending on model, source materials and relief complexity:

  • Resolution: 5/10/20/50/100 m
  • Vertical accuracy (heights): 2-50 m
  • Planimetric accuracy: 2-80 m

Text Labels

Text labels on the map can be prepared according to your requirements

Text labels – cities, towns, villages, railway stations, water features.

Clutter – land use models

Clutters describe the surface and built-up features which influence on radio wave propagation. They are classified into different classes: classes of built-up areas, water classes, classes of landscape and vegetation.

Clutter model includes:

  • For regional model – 11 classes
  • For city model – 13-16 classes
  • For microplanning – 16-20 classes

Parameters of clutter models:

  • Resolution: 5/10/20/50/100 m
  • Planimetric accuracy: 2-50 m

Background Raster

Mosaic of scanned topographic maps or satellite images can be prepared by your order.


  • Resolution: 5/10/20/50/100 m
  • Planimetric accuracy: 2-50 m

Satellite images Landsat7, SPOT, IRS, Aster, QuickBird, EROS, IKONOS, OrbView can be used

Vector/Linear objects

Vector data consists of the transportation network and other linear features of the map such as coastlines, rivers etc.

We offer 9 vector classes: Highways, streets, major roads, secondary roads, coastline, boundaries, airports, railways, water features.

Parameters of vector models:

  • Planimetric accuracy: 2-50 m

Building Height Model

Vector database represents the outline of built-up structures (buildings, bridges, towers and other obstacles) with attributive information of relative or absolute height of every object.


  • Resolution: 2 m or 5 m
  • Planimetric accuracy: 2-5 m
  • Vertical accuracy (heights): 1-5 m
  • Buildings model accuracy (heights): 2/3/5/10 m
  • Format raster and/or vector

Data can be converted into any RF-planning system format.

Vectors and clutter classes can be organized according to customers’ requirements.