• 3D City Model are very useful to represent all specific topographies of urban environment due to the use of up-to-date satellite images for digital models production
  • Due to its high accuracy (1 or 2 or centimeters) 3D City Model characterizes all above-ground features and city infrastructure with 90% realistic
  • Ready to use unexpansive 3D City Model gave the best way to estimate positioning, number and power of base stations to make signal more strong and accurate
  • The industrialized process of 3D City Models includes precise quality control and assurance the high accurateness of Digital Model
  • The modern technology of satellite imagery processing and best software environment permits us to generate diverse digital models that fit various customers’ requirements in scale, layers and digital data formatsGeneral Description


  • This test sample represented 1 sq. km.
  • Bounding rectangle of the geographic coordinates, reference ellipsoid WGS 84, includes

3D Digital sample includes

  • DTM – Digital Terrain Model – data contains in the Height folder;
  • Land Use Map – Clutter Model – data contains in the Clutter folder;
  • Building Heights Model – data contains in Buildings and Buildings_Multipatch folders;
  • Vector Data – data contains in the Vector folder ;
  • Text labels – data contains in the Text folder .

Digital Data format

All digital photogrammetric data has been represented in ESRI GRID / SHP format.


  • cell size: 2 m

Available language


Cartographic reference

Data are given in geographic coordinates on ellipsoid WGS 84 with the following references:


  • Name: WGS 84
  • Big axis: 6378137.0 meters
  • Eccentricity: 0.081819191


  • Type : UTM 37, Southern Hemisphere
  • Azimuth angle : 0.0 degrees
  • Longitude 0 : 39.0 degrees
  • Latitude 0 : 0.0 degrees
  • False Easting : 500000.0 meters
  • False Northing : 10 000 000 meters
  • Scale factor: 0.9996