Combined 2D Models

Combined 2D Models for Wireless Networks Planning and Optimization

Basic 2D models preparation technologies can be used separately as well as in combination, depending on clients demands.

All works is being performed using our own technological and manufacturing base and it allows us to be flexible with clients and take in to account all his wishes, including limited budget.

Combinations of different models can be used:

For territories with complex mountainous terrain

For highly-populated territories with complex build-up and infrastructure in countrywide or vast regional models

For network optimization projects in countrywide or vast regional models

For unconventional projects with high demands to accuracy parameters

During the process of regional models development it is possible to make following combinations of general types of models:

Integration of Standard city models into the Standard or Improved regional model for further resolution and accuracy parameters improvement.

Usage of satellite images with 5-6m resolution, which are generally used in City models preparation processes for development of Improved regional models. This allows getting higher detailing of models.s

Combination of Basic and Standard models in one countrywide model: for highly-populated area – Standard models are used while for low-populated areas – Basic models are used – it allows minimizing projects cost and decrease models preparation term.

Variety of different approaches, technologies and their combination which are used by our company provides exclusive approach to every client’s project.