3D Texture Digital Maps

Galantis and its’ partner company VISICOM produce photo quality 3D Texture Digital Maps for a variety of emerging customer applications.

These 3D Texture Digital Maps are produced from up-to-date stereo satellite imagery and side photographs of objects. The use of proprietary production techniques results in high-resolution photo quality textured digital maps with architectural elements of buildings, sophisticated engineering constructions, vegetation, water bodies and other elements.

For usage in applications such as:

Urban Planning for 4G/5G/LTE wireless networks

Web-based Tourist Applications

Web-based Business Applications

Virtual Games

Motion Design and Infographics

Rescue Operations Trainings

Disaster Management

Real Estate and/or Marketing Applications

Available Levels of Detail:

  • Basic: standard textures + photos
  • Standard: photos are used for all building textures
  • Improved: photos are processed to make accurate roof and architectural details
  • Advanced: textures of buildings with complex architecture are produced individually for each building. The elements of drawing will be added to textures of complex buildings

3D Texture Digital Maps may be delivered as following data layers / elements:

  • Individual buildings
  • Group of buildings with accurate positioning on Earth surface (geospatial topology)

Available Data Formats:

ESRI ArcGIS (Multipatch), COLLADA (dae), OBJ, FBX, 3D Studio Mesh (3DS), Google SketchUp (SKP), Google Earth (KMZ), etc.

3d digital maps

Wide range of data formats

Our Digital mapping products available for major RF planning tools and supports most of up-to-date GIS formats PLANET, ASTRIX, TEMS CELLPLANNER, TEMS LINKPLANNER, Atoll Forsk, AIRCOM ASSET, NETPLAN, NOKIA NETACT PLANNER, ALCATEL A955/A9155, ICS Telecom, Arclnfo/ArcGIS, Maplnfo/Vertical Mapper etc.

Read more about Data Formats.

Digital maps' Layers available:

  • Digital terrain model (DTM)
  • Digital elevation model (DEM)
  • Clutter model
  • Vector model
  • Buildings and obstacles heights model
  • Text labels
  • Orthoimage
Read more about Layers.

Satellite images

Depending on type of model and required model resolution we use various satellite images.
Read more various satellite images.