What is the Kaltura Video Navigator for ECM?

Kaltura Video Navigator for Enterprise Content Management brings the power and flexibility of Kaltura’s proven, award-winning enterprise video technology directly into IBM’s market leading Enterprise Content Management suite, unifying video management into a single platform so that video can easily be managed directly alongside any other content. Galantis was selected by Kaltura as the primary development partner for the Kaltura Video Navigator for ECM solution.

For more information about Kaltura Video Navigator for ECM please visit: http://corp.kaltura.com/Products/Video-Applications/Kaltura-Video-Navigator-ECM

About Kaltura:

A recognized leader in the OTT TV (Over the Top TV), OVP (Online Video Platform), EdVP (Education Video Platform) and EVP (Enterprise Video Platform) markets, Kaltura has emerged as the fastest growing video platform, and as the one with the widest use-case and appeal.

Kaltura is deployed globally in thousands of enterprises, media companies, service providers and educational institutions and engages hundreds of millions of viewers at home, in work, and at school.

For more information about Kaltura, please visit: http://corp.kaltura.com/

About Galantis, Inc.:

Founded in 1999, Galantis helps financial, insurance, healthcare and manufacturing companies improve operational performance through business consulting and technology solutions.

For more information about Galantis, Inc., please visit: https://www.galantis.com/

Galantis has been associated with IBM/FileNet, the leading provider of Enterprise

Content Management products, since our inception in 1999. Kaltura turned to Galantis to participate in the integration of the Kaltura Online Video Platform with IBM ECM technologies. The result is video that can easily be managed directly alongside any other content. Adding video as a native content-type enables new video-centric use cases and business workflows, eliminates content silos, and makes it possible to deliver video anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Galantis is located in Costa Mesa, California and provides services to customers in the United States, Canada and worldwide. Galantis can assist your organization in the deployment of Kaltura Video Navigator for ECM or other ECM solutions.

For more information, please contact: info@galantis.com .