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Ranet OLAP – Overview

Ranet OLAP is an open source set of data visualization controls – powered by Microsoft Silverlight and was written specifically for SQL Server Analysis Services  with support for SQL Server. Ranet OLAP is our advanced front-end solution for Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services.

This solution offers the developers of analytical applications unique capabilities for building modern and accomplished software.  Using the Ranet OLAP library, you can build a powerful solution having unique features for fast and efficient work with multidimensional data supplied by the Analysis Services over the Internet, rather than inventing the bicycle yet again. Your web-applications can have all features found in the traditional desktop applications (Rich Internet Application).

Ranet OLAP components can be used in various fields and applications. Primarily it is intended for developing analytical applications and Business Intelligence (BI) solutions for business, medical sector, scientific research, etc.

It can be used for displaying data using most popular Web-browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer.

Why is Ranet OLAP your complete solution?

Interactive Designer PivotTables

Out-of-the-box functionality saves time

Thanks to the out-of-the-box features and the built-in user interface in Ranet OLAP, you can develop and deploy a complete BI-solution with interactive OLAP and data visualization features without writing a single line of code.

Interactive, drag-and-drop user interface accelerates discovery of data trends

No matter what business you are in, Ranet OLAP will allow your users to find new trends in their data. A single connection can generate tens of table variations with simple mouse clicks.


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Support functions Drill Down/Up and Drill Through

Support functions Drill Down/Up and Drill Through

The Drill Down, Drill Up, and Drill Through functions give the user the maximum possibilities for detailed data analysis:

  • Going into different data levels, from summary to detailed data (the hierarchy of the dimension determines the drill down ways);
  • Possibility to go down to the detailed data (Drill Down) by expanding the hierarchy nodes or going back to the summary data (Drill Up);
  • Analyzing the actual data behind the aggregate indicator (Drill Through).


 Flexible filters, sorting, and grouping data

Numerous ways to rank and sort data

With the built-in context menus in Ranet OLAP, users can sort their data in many different ways. They can sort and rank members in ascending or descending order, by caption, key or any field they select. When the user applies sorting to a field, a sort indicator displays on the field to remind them that a custom sort operation is set.

Powerful built-in data filters for fast analysis

Filtering data is an essential element of any data analysis experience. Ranet OLAP is built to ensure that every conceivable way to filter data is available by default with no configuration necessary. Simply place the control on a Silverlight form, add data, and your users are immediately able to begin drilling into their data and filtering results to show only the data that are most important to their analysis goals.

Conditional Formatting

Summary table Ranet OLAP allows you to display values ​​based settings appearance of cells that are defined in the cube or MDX-query (FORMAT_STRING, BACK_COLOR, FORE_COLOR, FONT and so on).

However, if necessary, the user can call the designer of cell styles and formatting to define the conditions according to their own needs. Style settings can be saved and loaded from the server when needed re-use.

Export / Import settings, snapshots of data

Easy deployment via Save and Load capabilities

Ranet OLAP features robust deployment architecture with no run-time royalties. You and your users can save and load various aspects of the view such as layouts and card configurations without ever recompiling the hosting application and at no extra costs.

Ranet OLAP features robust deployment architecture with no run-time royalties. You and your users can save and load various aspects of the view such as layouts, card configurations and  data without ever recompiling the hosting application and at no extra costs. Layouts MDX Query – Save data layout configurations to XML and you can load them later to refresh the view with the latest data.

Editing data in the cube via the Internet

Undo and redo capabilities encourage iterative analysis and save development time

When your users are analyzing data, they are looking for undiscovered patterns, for insight. In order to support this fast analytical thinking, Ranet OLAP provides the ability to undo any changes made to the view. This allows them to revisit previous results at any time. Having this built right into the component saves hours and possibly weeks of development for such support.

Learn more Editing Cube.

Export analysis results to Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel export allows users to share analysis results offline

Allow your users to take the analysis they perform within your application and put it into a format that they can use. Excel exports allow them to perform additional analysis and what-if scenarios, and to share the results with people who do not have access to the data.

Integration with SharePoint

Ranet Olap integrates with SharePoint on Web Part  technology.

Easy-to-use UI

You can create a predefined report via configuration; define columns, rows, values, and filters to get exact data you need immediately after the Pivot Table is opened.
You can easily rearrange fields and configure any report on UI using “Report Designer” area with drag-and-drop.

Advanced manipulation with data: drill-down, sub-totaling, aggregating, filtering, sorting.

Zoom tool is used to scale the grid and a Pivot Table report on it. Zoom tool is the editable drop down list.

Full Screen tool is used to enable full screen mode. It takes the Pivot Table report out of the frame of the browser and fills the entire computer screen.

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Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Our team of highly specialized software developers, business analysts and graphic designers offers further development and customization of the Software to meet the specific needs of your organization, including functional, non-functional and aesthetic. Using our Software you will be able to implement many tasks or solutions quickly with minimal effort by your organization. You do not need to invest your organizations’ time on development tasks that are not central to your organizations’ mission.

Our team of trained and  highly specialized software developers understand your needs. Our technical and business processes for satisfying the requirements of rapid and efficient software development projects are tested and proven.  We utilized industry best practices to provide a highly cost-effective software development process.  No matter what business you are in, our Software and services will provide you with an ample opportunity to grow your business.

Every customer has his/her own needs and requirements. Sometimes they are very different but our professional developers are not afraid of the challenges. Moreover, thanks to their creative potential they can find the most suitable solution that will meet all needs of the customer.

The customer has the option to purchase such development work. The scope of such development work shall be agreed upon, in writing, by both parties prior to the start of the project.. The development work is carried out on a current account basis according to the hourly fee.  Optionally, the project can be conducted on a firm, fixed-price basis.

We work with your team (technical and non-technical) to understand, document and meet all requirements and correspond to the expectations of all stakeholders. As a result expectations are met or exceeded, and the resulting solution is rapidly available on a cost-effective basis.

To schedule a discussion to see what we can do to help your organization please contact us.


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Ranet OLAP components are used many organizations, corporations, educational institutions and ISVs in different countries.

Our key customers:



  • House of BI, Denmark
  • Software4You, Germany
  • SunGard, United Kingdom
  • ControlCorp, Brasil
  • Ultrapower Software, Chine
  • CubeLogic, United Kingdom
  • IP France, France
  • Optima LLC, USA
  • RBC Capital Markets, USA
  • MR Price Group Limited, South Africa 
  • Optime EU, Estonia
  • Mining Information Systems, Australia
  • University Health System, USA
  • Zhang Wanhong, China
  • ROSATOM, Russia 
  • HK Askona, Russia
  • British American Tobacco, Belarus
  • MAV, Belarus
  • OJSC «Orsha Aircraft Repair Plant», Belarus


What say independent software developers who use Ranet OLAP

rajibdotnet | RANET OLAP for Silverlight is the best I have ever seen. I have used the same in our project and ROI is simply amazing. COmpared the same with Syncfusion and other controls and they have no chance against it. It is dirt cheap and easy to integrate with SL application. 

Anish_88 | Ranet allowed our business analysts to conduct sophisticated BI investigations with no IT support necessary

JohnBradford | This tool enabled our organization to quickly enable a powerful analysis and reporting solution

ZoCaroll | The flexibility of the data filters in Ranet results in an analysis of the relevant data

JoLinds | The Drill Down, Drill Up and Drill Through functions allow for a thorough data analysis with little programming required

Chitragupta | With Ranet we were able to deploy a powerful BI tool in short order

AngelaStap | Very intuitive and very powerful.


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